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Abelia grandiflora 'Aureovariegata' (Nagyvirágú tarka tárnicslonc) Abelia grandiflora Aureovariegata (Nagyvirágú tarka tárnicslonc)

Long-blooming deciduous shrub 1- 1.5 meters in length. Its fragrant flowers bloom throughout October. It is distinguished from the basic species by its larger flowers and golden leaf. Place it in a sunny place or in a shady place. He prefers nutrient-rich soil. Thanks to the abundant watering, with a high yield of flowers. It tolerates the metropolitan air well.     


The climate of its place of origin is the cool temperate belt (temperate belt in the strict sense), with satisfactory precipitation throughout the year, and stronger frosts in winter. This belt is an area of ​​deciduous temperate forests. It is important that in addition to your high water requirement, your high heat requirement is met, so place it in a semi-shaded area of ​​the garden. When planting, soil improvement is recommended because it is especially good for nutrient-rich, well-watered soils.

You want watering in the summer months because it comes from a much wetter climate and if you do not get the amount of water it needs to grow in the summer, the growth period will shift to the autumn months instead of the drought in summer, spoil.

USDA Zone 6a-10a




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